the wounded glacier - Rhone Glacier Switzerland , 2018

lights of Tenerife , 2017

colours of Cape Town , South Africa , 2015


Hamburg neighbourhoods St.Pauli , Schanze , Altona , street-art , graffiti painted walls , doors and windows as signs of gentrification. modern architecture changing the harbour area , 2013 - 2016

Hamburg Reeperbahn Germany 2015


Berlin neighbourhoods Kreuzberg , Neukölln , Friedrichshain , street-art , wall-paintings on doors and windows as signs of gentrification , 2014-2016

Berlin , Friedrichshain, Rigaerstrasse 2014

see you , see me , the digital view -

Maxi Schmitz , 9 portraits of the actress , 2015


- streets and places - 2015-2019

Langstrasse , Zürich 2015

New-York-Hamburger Gummiwaren-Companie

1994 I photographed an essay for Frankfurter Allgemeine-magazin about an archaic factory producing combs. Combs has been produced in a working- process from caoutchouc to hart gum combs since over 100 years in the same way. Most of the staff has been Hamburg citizens. 17 years later I came back to take pictures of the last days of the plant because they move to a new building. Nothing has changed in this factory... the same smell, the same noise, the same mashineries.. but a new staff, some of them from easteurope countries. A time journey.

Hamburg-Harburg 1994

Momente bei Ebert+Jacobi

serial photographs about the daily work of people in a modern, on highest standard working wholesale of pharmacy products. The staff is working on highest level of technics to select medical items for transportation to pharmacies in the region. A company based in Würzburg / Germany . 2012


is a short project about two evenings in two music and youth clubs at the same year over a distance of about 7400 kilometers. Young people in different cultures and societies playing and loving nearly the same music in their clubs

Berlin , 2005


portraits of Harley-Bikers during an annual meeting in Hamburg/Germany

Harley-Davidson-biker , Hamburg , 2005